Balloons History

The balloon is a very old toy. The kids inflate, fasten and play with them for more than 100 years. They used to be only in the ball shape until few dacades ago, when the long ones were developed, Magicians quickly made of them a lot of animals, so introducing new ways to play with it.

Initially, they were made out from the viscera of different animals with several diameters but very little elasticity. The first ones to make them were the Aztecs. What is known about the latex balloon, is that it was invented in 1824, by Professor Michael Faraday, for hydrogen experiments purposes. Toy balloons were introduced in the next year by Thomas Hancock, sold in a kit form "do it yourself", which consist ofa bottle of rubber solution and a syringe of condensation.

In 1847, J,Gt Ingram, from London, manufactured the first ones "vulcanized" balloons. The art of twist and to sculpture balloons begins in 1920 but only becomes popular with the introduction of the membranous ones during the World War ll. These were made in Japan and imported by the USA as a low price curiosity.

Undefined direction showed how to combine several and different balloons, to form dogs, giraffes, hats, airplanes, etc. Nevertheless, balloons' quality were quite pore at that time, and only experts were able to form something with them without blast them out. Besides that, the small diameters they were produced and the hard rubber which they were manufactured with, made out of them quite difficult to be inflated. Despite of this, millions of them were sold, and American companies quickly got the messages.

By the end of the 50's, several companies started to sell rolled ones balloons, which are aimed by decorations today. From this decade, balloons already have a better quality, and most of the people could inflate them. The inventor of this toy is known, but its origin opens doors to a new art. Nowadays, the current technological development of the latex balloons manufacturers, made of this art a mania of colors, parties, and colorful decoration for several events and special occasions.

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